To rent WindSurfing equipment on Kauai, try the following:

    On the North Side there is ... Foster at 808-828-WIND
    On the South Side there is ... Sea Star Kauai at 808-332-8189

To view some surf info click on the following:

    Continuous Surf Web Cams All over the World (for Hawaii area)

    National Oceanographic Data Center (for Hawaii area)


Here's some additional surf details:

July:  Surf-wise, northwest wave activity is at a minimum with low 
              surf heights of 0 to 5 feet on northern shores.  Surf action along 
                   southern shores will peak in July and extend into September.
                        So, serious surfers need to be in the southern area this month.


Come back here soon for updates and info on Kite Surfing (aka Kite 
Boarding).  We'd have more details now, but we're too busy trying to 
get better at it ourselves!! 







441 Papaloa Road ... Kapaa, Hawaii 96746 ... 808-822-9888     



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