Why Kauai ??

Below is a picture of Sao Paulo.
Also known as the 'Anthill'.

This MegaCity has a population estimated at over 18 million people and it is
obviously growing.  The world's population has almost tripled in the last
30 years. Half of all humans now live in cities ...... while only a hundred years ago
it was only 1 in 40 that lived in a city. In Sao Paulo there are almost no trees,
but there is a little remnant of a forest on the outskirts of town. Sometimes, the
temperature at the interior of the city is 50 degrees warmer than in that skimpy
forest just outside of town.  All of that concrete just loves to absorb that heat.  
We don't EVEN want to talk about the pollution here. WOW !!!! 
This city is not alone. 
Have you ever been to any of the other MegaCities on this planet ??
Can you even name a couple of them ??
Have you ever been in one ??
Try .... New York ..... Tokyo ..... Bangkok ..... where else ???

We would like to honor and acknowledge the Rolling Stone Magazine
(12/26/96-1/9/97 issue) for the information and the picture.  If you would like to
learn more, try and locate this issue. You will be surprised by what you learn.

SaoPaulo.jpg (165983 bytes)

This picture is only the middle of the actual picture.
It's actually about twice as wide as this one you are seeing.
Click here to see the whole picture !!



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