July 2006, the traffic remains especially congested in the Kapaa/Wailua
Corridor. The County and State are working together to try and resolve
this problem as best as they can, but still at a very slow pace.
According to a recent televised meeting between Mayor Baptiste and 
Steve Kyono of the DOT and Doug Haigh of the County, the following
was stated:

The old sugar cane bridge over the Wailua River has just been checked 
to see if it can handle the load to become a two lane bridge along with 
the new addition of the bike path. It has passed the load test with flying 
colors. Between now and March 2007, the county will work on the design 
and then turn that over to the State DOT. The State will put out bids for 
the work in June 2007, and the bid opening should be in October 2007. 
Once the notice to proceed is issued by the State, the contractor will have 
11 months to finish the project. The 11 months may be shortened 
depending on how often the Bridge is closed during initial stages of the 
expansion. Given these timelines, we may have the new expanded bridge 
in operation by Christmas of 2008. Let's hope !!

In conjunction with the bridge widening, the plan is to widen Kuhio 
Highway to four lanes (two lanes in each direction) between the Bridge 
and going North until the Temporary Bypass Road (which is located 
almost across from the North end of Papaloa Road, where our Real Estate 
office is located). This will allow for the South bound traffic going through 
Kapaa to have one dedicated lane and the traffic coming off of the 
Temporary Bypass Road will have it's own lane too. To accomplish this 
the County and State are working with the developers of the new 
Coco Palms Resort to obtain the additional lane. The full design of this
fourth lane on Kuhio Highway should be done by June 2007, with the 
build out to be completed in conjunction with the completion of the Bridge. 
So again, hopefully by Christmas of 2008. 

On September 08, 2007, it was announced that the bridge widening 
construction is scheduled to begin in March 2008 and be completed in 
February 2009.


The Northern end of the Temporary Bypass Road has been opened.
It is only one way from North to South, towards Lihue.  This is really 
the second phase of the three phases to be completed. The first phase 
was the middle section which runs southerly from next to the Kapaa 
Ball Park at Olohena Road until it reaches Kuhio Highway at across 
from our Real Estate office at the North end of Papaloa Road. 
The second phase is the Northern end going North from Olohena Road 
(as described above) to Kuhio Highway almost to the North end of 
Kapaa town near the Kawaihau and Hauaala Road intersections of 
Kuhio Highway. The third phase is still being worked on via an 
environmental impact study. Once that is completed this third phase 
should give rise to a brand new bridge over the Wailua River and is still 
about twenty years away, by our estimates. That means our guess will be
by the year 2028, or so. 

A new street light should be added on Kuhio Highway where it intersects 
with Lani Kai Road which is where the famous Kintaro's Restaurant is 
located. This new light is to be completed along with the new 80+ unit 
development that has been approved for the large vacant lot across the 
street from Kintaro's.


The Kauai Bikepath:

This new addition to Kauai is an ongoing, multi-phased event. The County
of Kauai is obtaining major federal funding to install a continuous Bikepath
around as much of Kauai as they can get approvals for. This has been, and
will continue to be, an ongoing tug-of-war between all of those involved.
This pathway is really a great thing for Kauai, but there are always nay Sayers,
as well as politics, as well as property owners not wanting it in their area.

The Kauai County Council has been at odds with its own Kauai Planning 
Department over issues related to this bikepath. Well, that's Kauai. 

The section of the bikepath in the Lydgate Park area is completed. The section
of the bikepath in the Northern end of Kapaa is under construction. The section
of the bikepath in the Southern end of Kapaa is in the final approval stages. 
The sections in Lihue and North of Kapaa are still in the planning and approval
stages. So, the many sections that are on the eastern side of Kauai are in 
process. The rest of the island will be addressed as the process moves on.

The highlights that we are watching, since it is very near our office location are:

The to-be-expanded bridge, as mentioned above, will have the bikepath as
part of that expansion, on the side of the new extra lane.

The bikepath is to run along almost the entire length of Papaloa Road and end
at the Coconut Marketplace, right across the street from our office.

The bikepath is also to extend along Lani Kai Road and cross Kuhio Highway
at the to-be-installed street light. Once on the mauka side of Kuhio Highway
it is to travel northerly parallel to Kuhio Highway. It will have to cross the
Kapaa Bypass Road which will be done by way of a new round-about. This
is being done to allow for a safer crossing without installing another street
light. It will continue north until it reaches the Foodland and the Safeway
Shopping Centers. The bikepath will then cross back over Kuhio Highway
at, or just north of, the Safeway Center.


There are more changes coming to Kauai. More growth by way of 
commercialism. Whether you think it is good or bad does not matter. 
It is coming.

Yes, as of August 2007, we already have a K-Mart, a Wal-Mart, a Home 
Depot, a Safeway, a Macy's, a Sears and a new Costco, along with several 
StarBucks, McDonalds, Taco Bells, Pizza Huts and Burger Kings. 
So, Kauai is slowly becoming like the rest of America (as well as the World). 
Is that a good thing?

There are some old outdated notes on some of these same issues and you 
can look at that page by clicking HERE



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