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The Lihue Area, East Kauai

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Lihue is the County seat for the islands of Kauai and Ni'ihau. It is our big city. Even though
it really isn't our biggest city population-wise. The city has our deep draft harbor, Nawiliwili. 
It has our Airport. Its where the Courthouse Building is located. Lihue is where our only 
regional mall is at, being Kukui Grove Shopping Center. Its where Home Depot, Wal-Mart, 
K-Mart, Costco Sears and Macys are established. The central Police office is also in Lihue.
Having both the Harbor and the Airport, it also has almost all of the industrial subdivisions. 

There are a lot of residential subdivisions here too. There are also surrounding 
communities/cities/suburbs of Lihue. They are the cities of Puhi, Hanamaulu and Kapaia.
These smaller cities do not have any of the big stores or big government facilities. They
are primarily just residential communities. Puhi does have a large industrial base too.

Lihue is not considered a Resort destination. There is one exception and that is the Kauai
Lagoons Resort. This Resort abuts Kalapaki Beach. To learn more about Kauai Lagoons,
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