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                HEALTHY KAUAI

Why do we think it is so healthy to live on Kauai?  Well, because we live here!!
No, that is not the only reason. Here's a few of our reasons. Some have been 
submitted to us by others that have given us their thoughts in this regards.

Kauai's Water: Yes, Yes, Yes, you can drink the water straight out of the tap. 
And it is very, very good water too. Sure they sell bottled water by the truck 
load out of the stores, but don't waste your money. Drink our good water. 

According to the Kauai Department of Water's 2005 Water Quality Report for 
the Wailua-Kapaa Water system they point out the following:

   Our water comes from ground water (underground) sources. Rain that falls 
   in the mountain filters through the ground into formations called aquifers. 
   Wells are drilled into these formations and the water is pumped out. These 
   formations can also be found in the mountains (still considered ground water). 
   Tunnels are constructed to tap these sources. The quality of groundwater is 
   very good and requires no treatment except for disinfection (as opposed to 
   surface water sources that require filtration and stronger disinfection). 
   All of the water is chlorinated.

   The pH can range from 7.1 to 8.0.

   The hardness can range from 50 to 130 ppm.

   The chlorine level ranges between 0.1 and 0.5 ppm.

    For general inquiries or to get your own Water Quality Report you can call the
    County of Kauai Department of Water at 808-245-5400. 



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