Fun Stuff To Do on Kauai

Hike the Napali Coast:  At the end of the road on North Kauai you will find a lot of cars parked. Many of the people from these cars have gone for a hike for anywhere from two hours to two weeks. The initial hour or two of hiking is not bad, but after that it can start to get strenuous, if you are not an avid hiker. Less than one hour in, you will be at a great beach. Stop and enjoy it. Less than an hour inland from there and you will be at a nice waterfall. Take a dip in the cool water and relax before heading back to your car.

Look for shells or sunbathe at Ke'e Beach: The rest of the cars mentioned above are there because all of those folks are at the beach. A wonderful beach to hang out at. Don't miss this one. Get out of your vehicle and check it out.

Take a quick swim at Loop Road:  In Wailua, take highway 580 (aka Kuamoo Road) to the end of the road and check out the swimming hole there.

Kayak up the Wailua River:  There are lots of locations to rent a kayak in Kapaa. It's easy, all they do is strap it onto your rental car and you're off. Drive a short distance to the State Wailua River Park, unload the kayak and launch. Paddle up the South fork of the river to the Fern Grotto where you can stop and enjoy an astounding location. About fifteen minutes further up the river and you can try your best at cliff diving, if you dare. On your way down the river veer off on the North fork until you can't paddle any more (because it is too shallow, not because you are too tired). Leave your kayak there and follow the trail for about two miles to the tall waterfall known as Wailele Mea Huna. It's not a difficult hike. Take a swim in the pond below the waterfall. Careful, it's a little rocky getting in and a little chilly too, but very relaxing. Remember, you should never swim under the waterfall, as you never know when a little rock may come over that waterfall and hit you in your head. We want you to have a safe and happy trip, you know. After that, hike back to your kayak. Pack up the camera and all that you brought and kayak back downstream to where you started from. What a great day you just experienced.

Night Life Fun:    Sure, you can walk on the beach under the moonlit clear night sky with plenty of stars twinkling. You can hang out at some of the luxury pools, bars or restaurants that are located within all of the major Resorts on Kauai. At any of these locations you can have a nice romantic setting to embrace the love of your life ....... or you can go out dancing at a couple of Kauai's Hottest spots for the more popular current dancing and drinking. There are several to choose from depending on what side of the island you are staying at, but the most popular by far is Rob's Good Time Grill in Lihue and Gilligan's, just north of Lihue at the Outrigger Hotel. On the weekends at Rob's you can shoot pool all night (well, until 2:00 AM anyway), but once the DJ music begins you'll want to jump right in and do some dancing. Great music, great fun and the age of the crowd varies from young (21 minimum) to mid-range funsters. Everyone is having a good time at the Good Time Grill. On the weekends and on some weekdays too, there is Gilligan's. The weekends are when it is really going off. Saturday night is the best and there is a cover charge. You need to get there before 10:00 PM to get any kind of seating and most of the time, there is a waiting line after about midnight. The music is DJ driven and it is geared more for the twenty something crowd (21 minimum), but if you are older than twenty-something it's still a great place to dance up a storm. There's lots of cute young local women here, so there is also lots of good-looking local guys too. Check it out, have fun and do not be afraid to get out on the dance floor. You will have a good time, but if you stay late, remember it will be crowded.     NOTE: Kauai allows smoking in its restaurants and clubs so if you can't stand second hand smoke, these are not the places for you to go. You belong on the beach with that moonlight walk. The air isn't any fresher on this planet than on the ocean on Kauai.

Rent A Harley or Exotic Type Car:   There are a couple of companies that will rent you a Harley motorcycle or a flashy type car.  To ride a motorcycle you need to have a driver's license that allows you to ride motorcycles (from your local State or Country). This can be a fun or different experience. If you really want to pamper yourself, we even have a couple of limousine services on Kauai.

Horseback Riding:  Take one of the several different riding tours that are offered by one of several Stables on Kauai.  The packages offered vary from morning rides to a combination ride that includes a picnic and a beach swim.  These rides start from about two hours up to about four hours in length.  If your timing is right they even have special events that you may be able to go on ...... like a mini-rodeo or a mini-cattle-drive with cookout or a western-theme-party.  Most also will provide private group rides and activities so long as you make the necessary arrangements in advance.  Of course, these will cost you a little, to a lot more money, depending on the extent of your plans.  The basic rides start at about $70 a person and go up from there.

Helicopter Rides:   WOW !!!  is usually all you can say after a helicopter ride above Kauai.  The beauty is breathtaking.  Viewing the lush green scenery, the towering mountains and the cascading waterfalls is an awe inspiring happening.  You gotta do it, ..... at least once in your lifetime. Some of these veteran pilots add extras that will gently surprise and delight you.  On one trip the pilot has a beautiful music interlude (over the headphones that you wear) that is timed perfectly with the ride  .......  the peaks and valleys and scenery all blending perfectly with the score of the music. Again ..... WOW !!!!  ... something you're just going to have to experience.  Remember to take along some chewing gum for the trip as it helps your equilibrium to fully enjoy the flight.  

Biking Adventures:   Several outfits have planned trips for biking to various different locations. Bike to a secluded beach .... go snorkeling ... have a picnic lunch ... lots of variety.  Heck ...... ship your own bike here and go it alone or with a friend .... if you are the adventurous type.

Sail Around:  How about a little sailing on the beautiful blue Pacific waters in Hawaii?  Sure there are charters to do what you like or go on a preplanned sail for a half of a day or for a sunset sail. Two hours seems to be the minimum and from there it can be for most of the day depending on your desires.  Some of the beaches you will see are not accessible except from the ocean so take lots of pictures to show to your friends.

Fish A Little:  If you can sail ..... surely you can fish.  Half day trips, three quarter day trips or all day long to go deep sea sportfishing.  Heck .... just go for the sightseeing aspect of the trip if you are not thrilled about wrestling with a fishing pole and a big fish at the other end.   There's whale watching and you will probably see dolphins jumping around as well as other flying/jumping type fish.  Can you learn the Hawaiian names for the fish?  That will be part of the challenge of this adventure. 

Go to Waimea Canyon to hike or to sightsee:  At the beginning of this list, hiking the NaPali Coast was recommended.  There are also plenty of other places to hike.  There are numerous trails in Waimea Canyon, plus many others all over the island.  Wherever you are staying on Kauai, leave before dawn to get to Waimea Canyon in the early morning hours.  You get the best views that way. Most days, clouds gather around the mountains and the Waimea Canyon Lookouts are all at pretty high altitudes.  So you want to get there early for the best views.  It is at least a one hour drive and can be up to over a three hour drive depending on where your Resort location is. Since Waimea Canyon is so high, you will probably be above the clouds, or in the clouds, by the late morning.  This will only diminish the scenic wide angle photo opportunities.  It shouldn't get in the way of your hiking or having fun.  Pack a lunch before you go ... have a picnic once there.  The road up is very windy so be prepared for that, but it is not too dangerous.  The roads are State or County roads and they are maintained well. There is a small Waimea Canyon Museum, a small restaurant and even some lodging available.  Check it out .... you will be glad you did.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving:  There are dive shops all over Kauai to serve you.  Rent equipment of any sort, buy some air, get directions to the best spots or go out on planned expeditions.  Since we are out in the middle of the ocean, this is an expected fun activity while you are here, if you are so inclined.  There are great locations to snorkel and to scuba.  The best places depend on what time of the year it is (due to the surf conditions) and what the current visibility and general currents are (due to the surf conditions).   Most of the dive shops offer diver certification courses if you are not a certified diver.

Check out this site later because we will be adding lots of additional things to do.

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