Coconut Marketplace / Old Coconut Plantation
                    in Wailua area of Kapaa Town

It's centrally located on east Kauai, midway between the southern resort area 
of Poipu and the northern resort area of Princeville. The eastern side of Kauai 
has the largest population center of Kauai. This shopping center was built in 
three phases, Phase I in 1972, Phase II in 1976 and Phase III in 1978. There are 
over 70 shops and restaurants within over 64,000 square feet of shopping area. 
For the most part they are specialty shops and smaller food outlets. There is 
also fine dining along with a small movie theatre complex.

The Coconut Marketplace has a unique ambiance with the Plantation style 
kiosks situated within the center of the exterior in-line shops with their covered 
walkways. There are a number of rest areas scattered about this multi-acre site 
including the well maintained grassy knoll adjacent to the center stage area. 
There are also a number of smaller water-ways that attempt to replicate some 
of the old watering systems that may have been in use on Kauai in the distant past.

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