Things To Be Aware Of in Hawaii

Bugs:   Since Hawaii has some luscious jungle type settings as well as various different types of crops growing, the island is bound to have a few bugs.  Most are not very harmful to you. 
Scorpions: There are some scorpions on Kauai but you will probably never see one.   They are usually located in the most wettest spots or in the most driest, on the island.  The writer of this (me) has been on Kauai for over twenty years and I have only seen one and that was when someone wanted to show me one and he lifted a few rocks in a certain dry area to show me.  They hid as quickly as possible as they are not interested in having any contact with humans.
Centipedes:  These things look like trouble and they usually hang out in wetter areas.  Of all of the bad things that you could run into ... this may be close to the worst.  The bite will probably only make a very sore spot that will give you aches and pains in the surrounding muscles.  You could get sick to your stomach too.   It could make an infant quite ill too.  If you are visiting for a week or two in a normal hotel or condominium you will probably never encounter one of these guys.
Roaches:  We have these and you may see one or more, except in your more upscale Resorts.  Those type of Resorts do all that they can to make sure they don't have any roaches running around.  These can do no harm at all to you.  Just make you quiver because .... it's a bug !!
Mosquitoes:  It is likely they will really love you.  So, keep them away from you.  Make sure to enter and exit exterior doors quicker than you normally would so that they don't fly in and visit you all night.  Do not leave outside doors open and if the window doesn't have a screen (for some strange reason) then leave the window shut.  You can buy skin spray or lotion to keep these away.  They also say that if you take vitamin B about a week or two before your visit, that will help too.   Your body will give off a smell that they don't like .... then again .... you may not like that smell either.  If you are going to do any hiking at all, bring some repellent for these little guys. 

Snakes: Nope ... none here.

Activities Desks, Activities Counters, Activities Companies:   In Hawaii, Timeshare Developers used to hire people to hang out on street corners to hand out flyers to get consumers into their presentations.  The State got fed up with their antics and passed a law requiring them to be inside of a commercial booth or building.  So, that is where they are now.  These enterprises are either owned or fairly well controlled by the Timeshare developers.  Sure, they will help you sign up for excursions, luaus, helicopter rides, restaurants, kayaking and give you a lot of answers to your many questions.  They will get paid a small fee for most anything that they are able to assist you with.  However, they get paid the best if they can get you into the Timeshare presentation.  There are gifts, coupons or discounts that they can give you as an incentive to sign up for the presentation.   These activity locations are now actually inside of some restaurants, in hotel or condominium lobbies or right out in front of the local grocery store entrance.  If you see the word 'Activity' anywhere ... that's a big hint.  It's okay .... it's a business ...... just be Aware (with a capital 'A').  Ooops ... here's another way they can get you.  In many locations, even the major fast food restaurant chains, there are plastic boxes that say sign up to win this or that (like a brand new Ford Explorer) and so you innocently fill out the form.  A few days or weeks later you may receive a call from a very nice sounding female that will tell you that you are one of the final contenders for this giveaway prize and to verify the information on the form.   They then offer you a discounted airfare and room package, ..... followed by an additional incentive to go into their presentation in return for additional gifts or prizes or gift certificates.  Again ... be Aware !!

Geckos:  Little lizards.  They're everywhere and all around most buildings.  We like them ... and so should you.  They eat mosquitoes and roaches.  Hurray !!!!!!  You may see them on the walls walking around or even on the ceiling.  They stay pretty hidden during the day and they like to come out at night.  That's because that is when most of the mosquitoes and roaches come out to play.  Geckos will hang out on the outside of your windows too.   Flying bugs are attracted to the light and so they bump up against the glass windows .... that's when the Geckos will move in quick.  They're fun to watch.   Do not worry they cannot hurt you in any way.  If you see one .. let it be.   They run away from you fast.  n Wailua, take highway 580 (aka Kuamoo Road) to the end of the road and check out the swimming hole there.

Animals that could hurt you:  If you go on a horse ride, it's possible you could fall off.  Otherwise, nothing here to cause you any problems.

Strong Ocean Undercurrent:    This is a major one.   If you are not a regular ocean user then be very, very careful.  A wise idea is to go beach swimming where all of the locals go.  If you see a bunch of people there, then it's probably much more safer than other places.  Local residents know where the safer places are and that is where they go.  Be extra careful at places where there is no one at all.

Sharks:  Yes, we have these only on rare occasions, but we do have them.  They say that it is about as likely to get bit by one as it is to get hit by lightening.  It's more likely if you are on a surf board because you are in deeper water than the swimmers and from under water a surfboard with a person on top paddling looks like a big sea turtle to sharks and sharks like sea turtles.  Generally you really don't have to worry.  If there are any shark sightings, usually the police or lifeguards or others will go and warn everyone in or near the ocean.

Slower Service:   This is Hawaii and not downtown Los Angeles or New York.  The quality of service may not be as good or as quick as you get in large population areas.  Here we have what is called 'Hawaiian Time'.  That means slower than you are used to.  Relax and enjoy the slow service.  You shouldn't be in a hurry cause you are on vacation. 
Hawaii has one of the lowest heart attack rates in the nation.  
Now you know one of the reasons why ......

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